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New to Trans Am and Forum - Engine Questions


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Mar 22, 2021
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North Carolina
Hello to all!

First, if I'm in the wrong string, please advise.

I recently purchased a 78 Trans Am for a project car.

Originally was a 400CI with a manual car; however, the previous owner swapped in a 350 with 2B Carb and what I believe is a 700R4 (has square pan). The car even has the manual console and the clutch pedal still installed!

I'm trying to identify the 350 engine.

The Casting number on the back of the driver's side is 3970014, and on the front passenger's side, it has the number stamped 14B480935. From the research, I've made the casting number points to an early 70s 350, but I cannot find anything on the other number.

I would like some help on identifying the engine and possibly the 4 speed automatic.

My second question is, if I keep the 350 to build up, but swap back to manual, what are some manual options that I could use with no major modifications?