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Owner of a 1979 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Special Edition Bandit. Y84 SE 400/4-Speed. 2nd owner, 1 of 1,107 made.
I currently own 3 ‘69 Firebirds( One is a ‘69TA Conv 4 spd w/ a RAIV Engine), 15 Trans Ams(‘70-‘02), and 2 GTOs. ‘02 CE TA Conv 6spd for sale.
Just purchased a 1983 TA, barn find and now in the process of getting it ready to see it's condition. Previously owned a 1977 "Bandit Transam" many years ago.
owner of a 'personalized' K.I.T.T. replica (September 1985) and a huge KNIGHT RIDER fan since 'Day One' (September 1982)