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Jan 3, 2020
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I've been a Knight Rider fan since the show came on and I was 4 yrs old. The show is what made my love for Trans Ams.

I've owned 4 different cars since 2006. First was a TPI 86 TA, which I will never own one of those again.

Next was an 84 Firebird hardtop sold it, had an 83 Recaro and that was mainly for parts, I now have a really nice, 2nd owner 84 Trans Am. Its a T-top, carb, manual windows and locks though but that's ok. I wish I would have bought another one I found it was also an 84 but hardtop with power windows and locks. T-tops bug me leaking so much and believe me, I tried to replace t-top seals before on the 86, not ever doing that again myself.

The 84 I have now drives and rides the best out of any that I have had. Granted the engine is not original. I had to replace it as the head gasket was blown and once we took the heads off it was really bad and needed a rebuild. I had an engine already and just dropped that in it, late 70s 305. It is going to be a long haul with this one as I have limited funds.

It REALLY needs paint the poor thing, maybe one day. The lady that had it before me must have had some cheap place to put paint on it who didn't know what they were doing. Going back and forth between black and midnight blue when I get to that point. I am trying to slowly redo the interior first as that's what I can afford right now. Paint and bodywork are going to kill me.

Look forward to seeing everyone's cars.

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