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4th gen

  1. Bill Craig

    *For Sale* WS6 Trans Wheels/Tires

    Wheels/Tires are brand new. Goodyear Eagle tires are roughly less than 3,000 mi. (I removed tires with 2,860mi on the odometer). No dry rotting and no aging. In perfect condition, wrapped in plastic bags sitting in my storage unit, and I no longer need them. $1,200. located in Atlanta
  2. Pontiac Trans Am

    Third & Fourth Gen F-Body Seat Extension Brackets

    PTA proudly offers our exclusive seat brackets to give you more legroom in your Third & Fourth Gen F-Body! You will receive two brackets that will move your driver's side seatback to a more comfortable position, gaining 3" more legroom. They are made of 1/4" thick hot rolled steel that has...
  3. 4th Gen TA

    4th Gen TA

    One hot 4th Gen Trans Am.