TWO TA's from a 30 year Neighbor


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Jul 11, 2019
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Hello RAMAM.2TA h.ere

I've acquired two TAs from my 30-year neighbor who is now in a nursing home.

I wish to carry out his wishes for his two cars that means more to him than the house he lived in. LOL but true.

Let me briefly explain. He would rather send his cars to a shredder then sell to some idiot that will abuse or miss maintenance of his pride and joys. He is a true Pontiac Enthusiast.

(1) 1978 Red TA 4spd, A.C. black int, No T-tops, Honeycomb wheels. He had all decals removed long ago. 200,000 miles on it his daily driver since he bought it new in Racine Wisconsin. He traveled all over the United States and Canada in this car. At 200,000 he rebuilt the car from the ground up and took 3 years. Now it has 280,000 miles and runs like new. Looks like a good daily driver a couple of uninflected parking lot dents that we repaired in the garage. I call them character flaws.

(2) 1977 White TA blue cloth int 4spd, No decals No A.C. Steel five-spoke wheels and does have the chrome valve cover hi output motor option. The car was Zebarted when purchased. 4,291MILES YES 4,291MILES and stored in a climate controlled storage for 40years. The headliner is starting to come down.

He was looking for the one collector who would Appreciate this car or Museum. He routinely started this car every six months to operating temp. He changed the oil in all his cars every 2000 miles.

I love all muscle cars from the '60s and '70s. I'm a recent long-term owner of a 68 Classic convertible.

Very difficult to let go. I felt the price had peaked and time to let someone else enjoy.

We are very good friends with the same interests. Except he finds it harder to let go of his pride and joys.

I'm going to keep the Red TA for a while in his honor and just take it to car shows.

Feel free to ask questions.

Thank you
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