The Scandalous (and recalled) 1983 Pontiac Calendar

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Dec 15, 2018
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The 1983 Pontiac Excitement Calendar featured various racing vehicles representing the Pontiac brand in that year. From Richard Petty, Kyle Petty, Geoff Bodine, and Ricky Rudd in NASCAR to Elliott Forbes-Robinson and Herb Adams in SCCA to Don Prudhomme in NHRA, this was one racy calendar.

Racy of another sort was the main attraction, model, Natalie Carroll. Ms. Carroll served as Pontiac's "Firebird Girl" beginning in 1983. Her image was placed in all forms of Firebird promotions this year, ranging from print ads to the pages of Pontiac's sales brochures to TV spots. Her photos in this calendar, however, added another dimension of "racy" to its content.

One image in particular was deemed to be too much excitement for Pontiac's reputation. Consequently, the calendar was quickly recalled from the dealers and vendors. The calendar very quickly thereafter became a collector's item. It is seldom seen today.

View scans of the complete calendar here.