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Swapping over to electric, selling engine, engine parts, accessories, brackets, AC system (almost everything under the hood).


Nov 22, 2020
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Coalinga, CA
I am swapping out the 403 and engine driven accessories to electrify my 79 TA. I saw the Lordstown hub motors are being made by Elaphe (probably sold to the public in 5 or so years) with 600 HP. Leaves room for batteries under the hood. Anyhow, everything under the hood except for the axles, transmission, and driveshaft, is for sale in bulk (It's too painful to sell one item at a time, though I might consider it later). If those hub motors make a debut to the public, then the tranny and drive shaft will be sold later on. This car ran before I started removing everything with one flaw. The car was previously a dragger and so they swapped the cam. It would dump fuel into the oil pan. If you want to use the engine, I recommend going back to a stock cam. Here's picks of everything. You'll notice I already started customizing for a bandit theme as many parts are black, silver, and gold.

$3000 obo for all of it.

I live in Coalinga, CA 93210