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So Many Options


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Jan 11, 2023
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I Inherited a 68 firebird convertible in fair shape.

Very little rust and the dash is in good shape.

The seats, top, and all the foam molding need to be replaced.

Here are my dilemma and my options, so any advice is welcome. It does not have the original 400. It has the original automatic transmission with a 350 in it. It probably hasn't been driven in 25-30 years.

Option 1: The engine isn't frozen. I can turn it by hand. Can I assume all seals and hoses will need to be replaced? Will I need to have the engine rebuilt? Or should we replace the seals and gaskets and give it a tune-up? I assume some parts fuel pump, sending unit, alternator, ac charging, will need to be dealt with. Can anyone give me an idea of the price for option 1?

Option 2: Find a 400 in good shape so it has what it was supposed to be. If I find a working 400, would it include an alternator, fuel pump, and water pump? Correct? Or would it just be the block and use those existing parts from what I have now? What would option 2 cost?

Option 3: Restomod the engine and transmission to something more modern. I'm not looking to race it, but I have to have a V8 to leave long black marks. I don't like it just having a 3-speed automatic. Ok, for Sunday drives, but not something you want to hope on the turnpike in, set the cruise at 85-90 for four hours.

Had an old 4spd manual, an 83 Mustang GT 5.0 302. Fun around the city, but hoping on the highway engine just needed more gears. My current car is a 300s, only a 6-cylinder, but at 85-90, I'm only at 1500 rpm with the 8-speed transmission.

So what would option 3, modern V8, and modern transmission cost?

Thanks for all the info.
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