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Parts Search - 1978 Pontiac Trans Am


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Apr 6, 2021
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New York
Hello all, I hope to get some help sourcing a couple of elusive parts for my 78 TA.

None of the usual go-to part companies are carrying, unfortunately. One being a parking brake light switch, you know, the spring-loaded plunger-looking thing down near the pedal that controls the dash light comes on.

Also, I need a way to extend the parking brake cable system, as I have an aftermarket exhaust, and as many of you must have experienced with this also, it overextends the stock cable length. Even though you can get it to work, over time, it gets too stressed and breaks.

I’ve heard there are extensions that can be used to resolve, but I’m not seeing anything specific to our vehicles. Any advice/info would be greatly appreciated.
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