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79 Trans Am Rear Suspension


Jun 30, 2019
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Bluffton, south Carolina
I don’t have the build sheet for the 79 SE clone I just purchased.

It has SE decals but is not an SE.

The vin and engine stamping validate it is a 400 4 speed from the factory.

The ws6 is not confirmed without the build sheet. I have 15x8 snowflake wheels, 4 wheel disc brakes, 4 leafs in the rear springs, and rubber bushings.

I have not yet removed the after market shocks but they are Monroe blue and say “ roadsensing “on them (I won’t know if they are Monroe’s until I get them out).

My problem is an extremely harsh truck like ride in the rear.

I suspect the shocks are the culprit but just wanted to ask, if these are original springs, could they have stiffened with age and be the cause of the harsh ride?

I believe in researching the parts suppliers, the ws6 has 4 leafs as this 79 does. I believe my 78 without WS6 had five leafs.

I put adjustable Koni’s in the 78 and it rode very comfortably.

If not the leaf springs, is there a recommended shock that provides a comfortable softer ride?
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