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    Just Bought This 1997 Trans Am Convertible

    [QUNot a bad price. I don't know if the straight-through exhaust will be a problem for the State inspection. Will you keep or fix and turn it over for a profit?OTE="79TURBO, post: 3291, member: 595"] No state inspection in FL. Going to keep it, have the whole top end off, replacing...
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    Just Bought This 1997 Trans Am Convertible

    I ordered Lunati valve springs Saturday and shipped them today. At least I'll get it running, then drive and work on it.
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    My 77 Trans Am 400 4spd - Matching Numbers Car - 1 Owner Car

    My 77, which paid $1000 plus another $900 to get the title :mad: I have been working on it for 3 years now. VERY SLOWLY, LOL, towed down from NY 2 years ago when I moved to Cape Coral, Fl.
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    Just Bought This 1997 Trans Am Convertible

    1997 T/A Convertible, auto trans, Ram Air hood, BBK headers, Magnaflow 3.5 exhaust straight through, no muffler, just a resonator. It needs paint, a new top, tail lights, and a broken valve spring.? I got it dirt cheap, $3000, the guy HOA wanted it gone asap, or they were going to tow it out...
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    Hello From Paradise [South West Gulf Coast]

    My name is Larry, and I've been Firebird crazy since 1980. I own 3 Pontiacs right now. A 79 Bonneville [Daily driver], a 77 T/A, numbers matching 400 4 speed car, and I just bought a 1997 Trans Am convertible, Auto for dirt cheap. It needs some work, but it's nice.