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  1. Pontiac Trans Am

    $150,000 Knight Rider Replica! - Part 1

    DANG! - :eek: That 82 Trans Am is insane!! Congrats, PTA Staff
  2. Pontiac Trans Am

    79' Y84 SE Build

    @banditsally very nice! - ;)
  3. Pontiac Trans Am

    1981 Trans Am Recaro Pace Car

    They are very rare, and if we had more photos, we would let you know what its worth, but 5K sounds fair if the frame is solid and has gone structure. Thank you, PTA Staff
  4. Pontiac Trans Am

    Looking for a Volunteer

    We will post this to our Social Media Pages, but need a full picture of the car from the front to program it in so people can see it. Thank you, PTA Staff
  5. Pontiac Trans Am

    Looking for a Volunteer

    Do you have any pictures of these install on a TA?
  6. Pontiac Trans Am

    '79 403 with 47k Original Miles Question

    @Mj452312 did you go under the car to see if it had any leaks?
  7. 1987 Pontiac Firebird Formula

    1987 Pontiac Firebird Formula

    87 Firebird Formula: 1 of 304 produced in Yellow.
  8. Pontiac Trans Am

    Classifieds Section?

    How should we lay it out? Any ideas? Thank you, PTA Staff
  9. Pontiac Trans Am

    Classifieds Section?

    We are super happy with how great this community has grown in such a short time and with no drama. A lot of members have been asking us to do a classifieds section, and we wanted to hear your thoughts on what you'd like to see. Thank you, PTA Staff
  10. Pontiac Trans Am

    Transmission Shift Handle

    Do you have a picture we can see? Thank you, PTA Staff
  11. Pontiac Trans Am

    Install new key fob 1995 firebird Formula

    Do you mean program the new one? Thank you, PTA Staff
  12. Pontiac Trans Am

    I Need Help

    Let us look into this and see what we can find out for you. Thank you, PTA Staff
  13. Pontiac Trans Am

    Edelbrock AVS2 Carburetor

    It should fit with no issues.
  14. Pontiac Trans Am

    WFO Larry Navarro new to the site

    @Larry Navarro welcome to the family. - (y) Beautiful TA! God bless, PTA Staff
  15. Pontiac Trans Am

    Blue Smoke

    It is the valve seats friend, not the heads. Thank you, PTA Staff
  16. Pontiac Trans Am

    Looking for a Volunteer

    Do you have any install pictures or of the product? Thank you, PTA Staff
  17. Pontiac Trans Am

    Smog Pump

    Did you try eBay?
  18. Pontiac Trans Am

    1991 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am GTA 5001

    Cosa intendi per resistenza?
  19. Pontiac Trans Am

    Comp Cams

    We like the XE262H.