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    General 1979 Trans Am?

    Not sure if you meant my TA or Doc Timmy's pic, but here is mine.
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    Help Needed - My Rare 1979 Pontiac Trans Am 10th Anniversary *Convertible*

    Just wondering if you ever restored it and if you could post some photos.
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    General 1979 Trans Am?

    I have the same engine, and I wouldn’t overspend. For $6K, I brought my HP from a paltry 185HP at the crank to 250hp. Put in true dual exhaust and new exhaust manifolds, different AT torque converter, rebuilt and re-jetted (larger bowl, no more choke or fast idle), and put 3:42 gears in the...
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    Help Needed - My Rare 1979 Pontiac Trans Am 10th Anniversary *Convertible*

    So I just reexamined my 1979 TA convertible and found the National Coach Engineering (NCE) emblem. Mine is an NCE #66. It does have the reinforced frame and the windshield posts seem also to be reinforced.
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    Improve Performance For 79 TA With 403CI

    Thank you for your advise. I took it to heart So far here’s what I have done; Removed the smog pump; put in new, larger exhaust headers / manifold and rebuilt the exhaust all the way back to the tail pipe including having a true dual exhaust all the way back. In addition I put in a new...
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    Help Needed - My Rare 1979 Pontiac Trans Am 10th Anniversary *Convertible*

    It also has just 26000 miles. It was a southern California car all its life, stored inside.
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    Help Needed - My Rare 1979 Pontiac Trans Am 10th Anniversary *Convertible*

    BTW my car does not seem to be a 10th anniversary. It’s midnight (dark blue) with a 403CI and light blue interior. I can’t find any number on the door jamb to indicate that NCE did the conversion either. The original owner, whose memory is not perfect, seems to the conversion was done...
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    Help Needed - My Rare 1979 Pontiac Trans Am 10th Anniversary *Convertible*

    That seems correct but not complete. I have 1979 TA convertible I recently purchased. I bought it from the original owner. I am still doing the research on my particular car’s history and found this information: National Coach Engineering Convertible Trans Am (1978-1981) (In 1978...
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    Improve Performance For 79 TA With 403CI

    Thanks. Is this correct? To convert to am EFI I need the EFI and manifold; a new, more powerful alternator & battery plus a new fuel tank with an electronic fuel pump. Anything else? Any recommendations as to brands and models for aforementioned? What about recommended brand and model...
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    LED Lighting?

    Are there any particular LED tail and backup light kits that work and fit well in a 1979 TA? Same question with using LED light kits or bulbs for The license plate, side maker, trunk, glove compartment, interior, and dashboard lights? Recommendations?
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    OER Dashboard

    I am looking to purchase an OER dashboard for my 1979 TA. It seems many usual suppliers do not have any in stock. Anyone suggest a supplier/idea?
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    Engine Modification And Valuation

    I have a 1979 TA convert with the 403CI. If I modify the engine, suspension, etc., to improve performance, is it more or less likely to affect the car’s long-term valuation? I would keep any parts that are removed. Just looking for some guidance.
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    1979 Trans Am vs 1981 Turbo Trans Am Subframe and Suspension

    Besides the bushings, are there any other aftermarket suspension kits, shocks, etc., that would improve the ride and handling on the 1979 TransAm?
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    The Launch of Gen II (1970 Firebird Trans Am)

    What would it take to increase compression and introduce functioning RAM air via the shaker scoop to improve the performance of a 79 403CI engine? My goal is to increase HP reasonably.
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    1979 Light Blue Interior Color Matching For Hard Plastics

    I am in this same situation and am having the hard plastic painted. The guy doing the interior says he does this all the time.
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    Improve Performance For 79 TA With 403CI

    That’s a good question. Although I am not looking to sell it any time soon, would it hurt the value if I removed it but kept the parts? I want to improve the car‘s performance. The car looks fantastic, but frankly, it’s unimpressive power-wise. Would there be any difference...
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    79 Trans Am Rear Suspension

    What shocks do you recommend?