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    Trans Am Values Over Time

    SHAZZZZZZZZAM!!!! I wouldn't pay that for all of them. :eek:
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    Good Day all, After adding info and photos of our TA I decided to delete it due to lack of interest. :rolleyes: No point in cludering up web space with junk.
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    How to Replace Your Gen IV Headlight Motor

    This is a project I will be doing soon. R/H headlight started grinding a couple months ago. Since they are both the same age I'll be replacing both. I have watched several Youtube videos of this job and most would have been better if they had a video person to keep the camera running. They...
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    Headlight will not raise all the way up due to hitting the hood.

    I had that issue on the 98 and discovered I needed to adjust the hood bumper stops up just a little. In my case only on the side was hitting the fwd edge of the hood. It didn't cause and paint damage just would not rise until I released the hood. Turn it up a little and check things for...
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    GOLD RUSH - A Trans Am Documentary

    Outstanding. All it takes is money. :cool:
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    hello from Colorado

    I'm a bit new here myself but WELCOME. I'm sure you will find the help here you may need. Good luck getting it set up like you want it.
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    Newbie Question window seals

    Sorry your having problems with it. Call the 800# and request a catalog. If you ever need parts for your TA or other models chances are very good that thay have it or can get it. Good luck.
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    The 1990 Fourth Gen Camaro Concept Car

    Interesting. I like the way the door opens "UP". That would have been yet another separating factor for the Trans Am.
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    2017 Trans Am Depot Super Duty T/A!

    How awesome. The top photo with the aircraft behind the Trans Am's is a Gulfstream Corporate A/C. I made a living working on these. Retired with 40 years of service. That is the best of the best aircraft. So.... top aircraft and top auto are taken together. That's so great. :)
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    Newbie Question window seals

    Check out Classic Industries in Cal. They have tons of items for the birds and many other cars. I've bought from them numerous times and visited the site several. Give them a look for parts.
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    Some of my Birds

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    The George Barris 1968 "Super Teen" Firebird

    I could live with that. George Barris did a lot of mods on cars for famous people. He built a custom 1960 caddy for Elvis called the Gold Cadillac. Referred to as Presley’s “Solid Gold” car It's housed in a museum in Nashville, Tenn.
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    The First Two 1967 Pontiac Firebirds

    WOW!! How great is that history. Feb 23rd, 1967 for the birds. Feb 23 is our anniversary but the following year. 1968. Thanks for sharing the story.
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    Have you made any further progress yet? Waiting to see the interior.
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    Solving the Mystery of the “Lost” Eighth 1969 Pontiac Trans Am Convertible

    I was in the car-buying age and bought the "other" car. Our first car in 1968 was a 61 Ford Sunliner convertible. (wish I had it back) Our first new car was a 1969 Camaro. Looked at a Mustang but didn't look at the T/A. I wonder why? I never looked at a Pontiac until I traded the 69...
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    New Member Here

    Very nice.
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    2018 Buick Firebird Trans Am?

    Rumor has it the Camaro line is about to go away as did the TA. Next year? That would leave the brothers in Florida to find a new donor car to make the Trans Am they now build. Since they bought the Trans Am name period I doubt they would relinquish that name unless GM made them an offer they...
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    More on the 1976 Trans Am