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  1. 1980Transam_Red

    1980 Trans Am - Normal Operating Temperature

    Hi Just wondering, what is the normal running temperature with a 195-degree thermostat? I have a 1980 Trans Am, 4.9L engine, with air. I just changed the thermostat twice now, and the temperature shows just above 220 and then dies. Thanks
  2. 1980Transam_Red

    Vacuum Hose ID Dimensions - 1980 Trans Am 4.9L

    Hi Just wondering what the Inside Diameter of the vacuum hoses for a 1980 Trans Am 4.9L engine is? When I measure, and due to the hoses being old, I have a few different measurements. If I wanted to order new hoses, is 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm ID enough? And how long should I order? 10 feet, 15ft...
  3. 1980Transam_Red

    New Car Cover Stained Bird And Paint?

    Hi. I need some help. I just bought a new car cover that said it was waterproof, and it rained last night, and I had the car outside covered. When I took the cover off this afternoon, I noticed that it was stained with some white stain. I tried washing it off with soap and water and it is...
  4. 1980Transam_Red

    Vacuum Diagram And/Or Sketch Required

    Hi I am hoping someone out there can help me. I am looking for a good clean diagram/sketch or pictures of the vacuum hoses for a 1980 Transam, 4.9 with electronic choke, air pollution pump, electronic choke relay, etc.
  5. 1980Transam_Red

    1980 Trans AM Just Dies When Warmed Up?

    Hi. Hoping someone out there can help me. I got my carb redid, transmission, and a slew of other things. It was running OK; however, the choke relay under the dash was buzzing. I replaced it with a new relay, and the buzzing stopped. The choke works fine now. my problem now is when the...
  6. 1980Transam_Red

    Leaking Trunk At The Hinges

    I hope someone knows a good body shop that works on Gen 2 Firebirds. My trunk leaks at the hinges on the trunk. I have the automatic trunk release and the constant up and down seams to weekend the welds and the original caulking. Does someone know a good body shop in and around the Toronto...
  7. 1980Transam_Red

    Throttle Return Spring - Yellow

    Hello all. I am hoping someone out there can help. I have a 1980 Firebird original 4.9L engine with quadrajet carb. I am looking for the throttle return spring, which is yellow. Mine is damaged. I have gone on various sites looking for it. One site I found but since I live in Canada the...
  8. 1980Transam_Red

    New To This Family - 1980 Red Trans Am - One Owner

    Hi All I am new to this site. I have a red 1980 Trans am. Original owner. I have been working on it for the past few months with a close friend. Completed the following items: replace spark plugs, wires, rad hoses, belts, tie rods exhaust, and stopped oil pan and transmission leak...