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    My TA - 96WS6

    If I might, may I be so bold as to suggest you make sure and keep the original engine? When it comes time for you to part with your beauty those matching numbers can make quite a price difference.
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    Desperate For Help

    I'd suggest you try Haggerty for your insurance. They specialize in old collectibles.
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    Trans Am Project Car

    I wouldn't admit to such an atrocity either. It would be done by the guy I bought it from. Good Luck!
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    KITT - RHD Season 4 replica

    Looks like an outstanding bit of fun! Good luck to you! You should post some follow-up pics seeing as you progress.
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    '79 403 with 47k Original Miles Question

    It's now seven months since you posted this. I'm curious, did you buy it? Could you share your story and provide some pics if you did? Maybe tell us why if you didn't?
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    1977 Lights Flickering

    You have an electrical connection amiss. First, check your fuses and make sure they're seated correctly. Take both the negative and positive leads off your battery. Thoroughly clean your battery posts and connectors. Find where the negative (black) lead connects to the body then remove the...
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    Classifieds Section?

    Like the others have said, a Generational Style main menu to start. Once you started getting an influx of ads, switch it to a year by year listing. Also a separate area for parts with major headings like "Engine/Transmission, Suspension, Body, Interior, etc."
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    Looking for a Volunteer

    I may be interested. What do you need from me?
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    Hello From The Race Capitol Of The World, Indianapolis!

    Hi, Greg here. I've had my 1978 Trans Am for a couple of years now. I'd been on a couple of other TA Forum sites but one shut down and the other never has any new posts. I dig my car and I've recently been considering redoing the suspension. My car runs great, drips a teeny tiny bit of...