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    79 TA 400 4 Speed: Lifting The Engine To Pull The Oil Pan

    I have the 78 Pontiac Shop Manuals I bought years ago for my 78 TA but they are not great. They show an engine lifting adaptor J23515-1,2 and 16. The diagram is very poor. Does the adaptor bolt to the two ears with the threaded bolt holes protruding on the front of the engine. If...
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    Best Clutch Set

    Any suggestions for good experiences with replaced clutches? I am replacing the original flywheel, clutch, pressure plate, and all the related bearings, fork, ball, etc. I have researched Center Force, McLeod, Ram, Zoom, Luk, etc and all have some bad reviews. One guy said Luk sets have...
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    79 Trans Am Rear Suspension

    I don’t have the build sheet for the 79 SE clone I just purchased. It has SE decals but is not an SE. The vin and engine stamping validate it is a 400 4 speed from the factory. The ws6 is not confirmed without the build sheet. I have 15x8 snowflake wheels, 4 wheel disc brakes, 4 leafs in...
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    79 Trans am Keys

    I rummaged through the garage and I found the full 1978 Pontiac Service Manual I bought along with the Fisher Body Manual with my 78 Trans am In the body manual I was able to see a door diagram depicting the oval key for the Pontiac door locks. You were correct kr189 Thank you
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    79 Trans am Keys

    Thanks I believe my 78 was as you describe. The oval key was for all locks and the square ignition was stand alone. thanks much
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    79 Trans am Keys

    I just purchased a 79 TA with a worn ignition key. Before I order a new ignition switch cylinder I want to know which keys operate all the locks. I can buy a door lock, glove box and trunk kit in addition to the ignition but I seem to recall the ignition, doors and glove box were the same key...
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    Trans Am Values Over Time

    We have seen these cars increase in value, particularly low mileage vehicles, as expected. How will the value hold up for a special edition or anniverrsary edition trans am with 50,000 to 80,000 miles? Will it hold up and remain steady in value, or will it depreciate if I continue to add...